June 2014

New CEO at A2i Systems

Ulrik Wind Blichfelt was appointed CEO of A2i systems with effect from June 1st. Over the last 18 months Ulrik has been Sales Director in the company. Ulrik has more than 15 years of experience in sales and management, primarily in the IT industry.

According to Ulrik, A2i has a strong team and a highly differentiated product in a booming market. Ulrik Blichfelt states: 'We have a good footprint in the market with customers in Norway, Finland, Austria and the Netherlands - in addition to the home market of Denmark. Working with our strategic partner, Wincor Nixdorf, we are shortlisted for a major project in Poland.

A2i develop and markets a price optimization and automation tool for the retail fuel industry named Pricecast Fuel. Based on artificial intelligence, Pricecast optimizes the price of fuel at the pump based on vast quantities of liveand historic data from own and competitor’s retail fuel stations.  

For more information contact CEO Ulrik Wind Blichfelt, email: ub@a2i.dk phone: +45 31 68 20

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Tacticus sold to EG

The Danish IT-company EG has bought Swedish company, Tacticus. EG is one of Europe's leading suppliers of IT solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics.

With 1CT as buy-side advisor, EG has bought one of Sweden's largest Microsoft Dynamics suppliers - with turnover in the region of  SEK 267 mio.

”We are growing in Sweden and with the acquisition of Tacticus we are now among the largest Dynamics-houses in Sweden. Tacticus are experts in logistics and production with a very attractive portfolio of customers. They will become an important part of our growth-strategy in Sweden and a key component in reaching our very ambitious goals” says Leif Vestergaard, Managing Director at EG A/S.

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