Realfiction in BestBuy stores across the US

Altec Lansing had a dream of entertaining and delighting audiences when launching this innovative new line of indestructible wireless speakers. They succeeded in doing just this by implementing the power of the unique Dreamoc HD3 experience. As anticipated, this spectacle is currently attracting crowds of people who are transfixed and mesmerized from beginning to end by this unique experience.


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The success of Altec in using the Dreamoc HD3 to present their Everything-Proof speakers allowed them to successfully differentiate their brand from their competitors. 


This amazing technology has the ability to launch any product with the flare required to astonish audiences, capture the attention of investors and distributors and grow your profits immensely.


With the Dreamoc HD3, you turn your dreams into reality. This unique in store experience can so far be seen in more than 500 stores in the US and as this, beyond any doubt, is contributing to a very successful launch with sales exceeding expectations, a roll out is planned for the rest of Best Buys stores in the US in the coming months.

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