New Year greeting 2016

The IPO market is our new focus


Dear friends,

Good things take time. For 8 years, we have been working with very early stage companies taking them to early market leadership. That has been tough, yet it is now paying off:

files/images/new-year/Menucard-2016.jpg (2012): leading quality restaurant service for business and pleasure.  In 2015, MC moved to own premises and signed up +70 new companies with of more than 100.000 employees in total, launched a new app and payment system, acquired the other big player in the market (to be announced on Jan. 5) and last but not least, saw significant growth in members’ use of the service.

files/images/new-year/A2i-2016.jpg (2012): leader in AI-based pricing systems for the fuel industry. A2I moved out and into a phase of growth without our ongoing support. During the year, the company continued its successful sign-up of international customers and launched a much improved product.

files/images/new-year/Realfiction-2016.jpg (2008): global leader in holographic displays, set to disrupt the digital signage industry. In 2015 RF also gained momentum and grew to almost double in size and sales and closed significant deals in the US. New great innovation is underway and outlook is great. In 2016, we will continue to our well-established door by door cooperation when Realfiction and 1CT move to new premises on 7th floor in the same building in Parken.

Therefore, it is time to look and move up …

In 2015, our new-bizz focus changed towards more mature, IP/tech centric companies in the small/medium business (SMB) segment. 

As a result, we are now working with new companies, similar in stage to our own current portfolio companies. Going forward, we support such clients with transactions-services (M&A), capital (equity), business development (advisory) services and aim for longer term partnerships where that makes sense.


We continue to serve external, strategic M&A clients alongside our new business area: Helping our clients go public (IPO) on a micro-cap exchange, mostly in Sweden.

We have built a unique platform to support this new offering, comprising of a deep knowledge of what it takes, how to get to the right broker, how to build interest with investors, and, last but not least, we have sources for Pre-IPO funding as well.

We already have a strong pipeline of +25 such IPO prospect companies and two cases underway. In other words, we are ready to accelerate this side of our business.

All in all, a very promising 2016 is waiting around the corner. We look forward to working with and sharing the opportunities with you.  Stay tuned!

We wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.


Copenhagen 1/1/2016

Søren Jonas Bruun            Peter Max


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