Sitexploration featured in Børsen (Danish FT)

Three feature articles in leading Danish financial daily

Under the headline "The man who downloaded the internet", Børsen tells the story of how Claus Valgren Christensen's vision of building better search than Google ended up as a product that help companies better their ranging in search engines.

In the second article, "X-Ray of Google is attractive for investors", Børsen goes deeper into the market for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how Sitexploration is a key analysis tool for experts in that field.

The last article, "Links and red lamps" explains some of the mechanisms used by search sites to rank search results, filter out attempts to "play the system" and how this field is a constant game of Cat and Mouse as search companies keep changing the rules to make organic search relevant to users.

The articles are available in Børsen, 17th of May, 2011 or here (The man who downloaded the Internet) and here (X-Ray of Google is attractive for investors).

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