1CT Invests in Mindstorm Ltd. (UK)

Mindstorm, a major player in interactive, multi-touch surface computing hits the road running with 1CT investment.

We are pleased to finally announce our investment in Mindstorm Ltd, a UK based company leading the world of multi-touch surface computing. We've been working with Mindstorm since the beginning of the year where the 1CT investment allowed the already very successful company to refine their strategy, develop new products and launch campaigns to major corporations across the globe.

This week, Mindstorm is launching these products and with a major PR coup in the UK, the UK version of The X Factor used a Mindstorm Aurora Table to select the 24 acts that will compete in this years competition. More than 12 million viewers saw X Factor judges Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh deliberate, drag images of the contestands around and drop them in the "Yes", "No" or "Maybe" boxes. More on that story can be found here

Mindstorm is, however, much more than X Factor. Their multi-touch technology is installed across the globe with prestigious companies such as Google, Audi, Nokia, BMW, Chanel, Mexicana as well as prestigious clubs across the world.

With 20 people, multi-million pound turnover and impressive year-on-year growth, Mindstorm is poised to dominate interactive, multi-touch surface computing. Where others have solutions with very restrictive form-factors, Mindstorm's solutions can be built into furniture such as a bar or a table or be projected onto walls, floors, tables, etc.

Kenneth Siber, one of the two Danish Mindstorm founders (the other is Thomas Jensen), has published a paper on how we're at the dawn of a new paradigm in human-computer interaction.

Read Kenneth's view here

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