1CT invests in Realfiction (DK)

In spite of the tough financial environment, Copenhagen based RealFiction hits bulls eye and receives funding for an international rollout of their disruptive 3D display technology for exclusive retail brands.

Torben Ballegaard Sørensen (former CEO of B&O) joins the company’s board and partners with 1ct’s Jonas Pilgaard to kick off the international sales process. RealFiction has relocated to the 1CT’s offices in Copenhagen to get the full synergy from 1CT’s resources.

RealFiction is all about product differentiation. Exclusive brands facing an increasingly competitive market need strong differentiation. Creating real “wow” effects in shops is normally very expensive. RealFiction’s solution is, however, a real head-turner priced close to the cost of a flat screen TV or a high end fashion display.

Customers benefit from the attention created by the display and by bringing USP’s to life in full 3D, holographic live images. The solution enhances brand awareness, increases sales and creates positive customer feedback.

Dreamoc, the first product from RealFiction is a 3D display for exclusive retailers. It is approximately four times cheaper than equivalent solutions. As the only solution in the industry, the Dreamoc integrates a physical product and 3D animation.

The founders are Clas Dyrholm (CEO) and Peter Simonsen (R&D). They have strong backgrounds from the industry, and have both worked for the Danish competitor Vizoo, a company Peter co-founded.

Clas Dyrholm says about the investment from 1CT: “When Peter and I went searching for a partner, we were hoping for more than just money. We are well aware that we have a truly unique product for the market, but we also know that we need experienced people to help us realize the true potential of our company. We believe that 1CT with their experience and large international network of hands-on people is the right investor for us to succeed”.

For a demo of Dreamoc please click here.

For more information, please contact: Jonas Pilgaard, Partner at 1CT, jp (at) 1corptech (dot) com or +45 21401070

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