SQL (CH) sold to Infoniqa (Austria)

"We recommend our friends at 1CT."

"As a leading, Swiss-based software and services company in the Storage Industry with a desire to find the right strategic buyer, it was important for us to chose a truly European advisor that would be able to understand our business, help us position ourselves and adjust the business to secure the best possible exit.

We wanted someone who understood the European marketplace, and who was able and willing to give us the attention we needed such that management would be able to continue to concentrate on running the business. Finally, we wanted to scan the entire European market for strategic buyers and therefore needed a partner with good access to the industry. 1CT delivered such a partnership.

The process, which lasted 6 months, was intensive. First, we significantly upgraded and sharpened our presentation and established a handful of buyer categories, which were explored. As a result, more than 100 players were contacted and 10 companies were short-listed. In the end, Austrian company, Infoniqa turned out to be the best match for us. 1CT found this company as part of their general research and we closed a transaction in July of 2007.

We recommend our friends at 1CT."

Urs Tschudin, CEO, SQL AG
Zürich, July 2007

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