SKI (DK) realized spin-off to EU-Supply (SE)

Workflow software for electronic tendering. Strategic Advisory Services and Commercial Launch of ETHICS


“After many years of classic paper-based tendering, and as part of ongoing e-government initiatives, our company SKI (National Procurement Ltd. with revenues above 8 billion DKK) decided to develop a suite of software that would gradually automate and digitalize the tendering process. This project started in 2001. The software was developed in partnership with an external partner for internal use.

1CT became involved in May of 2005 as the software had been deployed in internal tender processes with a reasonable degree of success. 1ct established a project plan and assigned one person full time to take Project Management responsibility and lead the processes of maturing and preparing the product for external launch.

The first half of the 1CT project (market launch) included services such as: module defining, documentation, testing, pricing, positioning and finally also designing and executing an extensive market-launch campaign directed at all the major Danish players involved in tender based purchasing.

The second half of the assignment (exit) was to place the technology with a strategic, preferably international partner. 1CT solved the assignment by identifying about 20 potential international partners, all of which were contacted and one of which purchased the technology in January of 2007 EU-Supply, Sweden (Pan-European company, headquartered in United Kingdom) as part of a larger contract that would also secure the strategic supply of next generation e-purchasing services, strategically important to SKI.

1CT set ambitious targets for the development, commercial launch and exit of ETHICS and met them all to our satisfaction. After 18 months and as a result, SKI realized the first ever public spin-off of a home-grown technology in Denmark”.

Søren Jakobsen, CEO of SKI,
April 2007

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