Fridrix (DK) sold to LogoPaint (DK)

Advisor to Fridrix; an internet-based edutainment software company, which helps customers to learn and adopt the tricks of sports-stars.


Fridrix is a Copenhagen based developer of internet based edutainment software, enabling customers to learn and adopt the tricks of sports-stars. When we were introduced to 1ct in 2006 we needed help to get the business up and running. We engaged with 1CT, established a close partnership and have received intensive coaching and other business development services. As a result we are now in a much stronger position.

During the process we developed a relationship with LogoPaint, a European leader within the sports related technology industry. 1CT assisted in our process of establishing a strategic partnership and after months it was decided that LogoPaint would buy a majority of our shares as part of a commitment to leverage the distribution power of Logopaint to the benefit of the Fridrix products. We see this as a break-through for Fridrix and have agreed with 1CT that their shares in our company are bought back by us.

The journey with 1CT at our side was short, intensive and successful.

Thorsteinn H. Fridriksson, CEO / Founder of Fridrix ApS
Copenhagen, September 2007

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