1CT invests in A2I Systems (DK)

1CT has invested in Artificial Intelligence Software company A2I Systems.

1CT has completed its 6th portfolio company investment. The investment is made from 1CTs second fund, 1CT Equity II.

The company is Danish A2I Systems ApS, a software company that develops industry disruptive solutions based on Artificial Intelligence.

Its first major success is a solution for fuel retailers. The solution significantly increases profitability without loss of volume.

Fuel is a commodity and the market in most countries is quite volatile with customers that are both very price sensitive and disloyal. Other pricing solutions in the market are rule based solutions, that can help analyze the vast amounts of data and serve as decision support to experienced fuel pricing managers. No other retail fuel pricing solution can predict customer behavior and optimize pricing without loss of volume.

For more information see: http://www.a2i.dk or contact 1CT Partner, Peter Max.

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