1CT invests in Sitexploration (DK)

Sitexploration is a tool for SEO experts that provide the intelligence to get high page ranking in search engines.

Many organisations live and die by how they rank in search yet the practitioners of the dark art of Search Engine Optimization have, until now, had very few tools to help them understand why they - and their competitors - rank as they do. Sitexploration is a very powerful tool for SEO experts and corporate marketing departments that build and maintain their own sites.

Sitexploration analyse links to and from nominated web sites and builds a link profile for each site. The analysis is based on data continually collected using Sitexploration's proprietary semantic search engine. By using semantic search, the context of links and keywords are better understood and provides a better and more accurate link profile.

1CT is very proud to announce its investment in Sitexploration and look forward to help this exciting company provide its service to an even wider audience.

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