1CT Invests in HentTilbud (DK)

RFQ internet service provider HentTilbud is 1CT's newest investment

1CT Management is proud to announce our investment in the company /internetservice, HentTilbud, which translated to English means “Get an offer”. The company is in the fast growing business of RfQ ( Request for Quotation) and focuses on private peoples need for help on house renovations, gardening, cleaning etc.. HentTilbud has 5 years of experience in the market and is already a top 3 player in the industry. The Danish RfQ industry has great potential and it is the goal of HentTilbud to help the Danes understand the obvious benefits of RfQ and to establish themselves as the main and most trustworthy player.

Chairman of FDIM (Association of Danish Interactive Media) and owner of Peytz & Co., Christian Peytz is joining the company as Chairman of the Board. Christian has strong experience in the media market and can help the company in many ways but mainly in the dialogue with the big media players, who are beginning to see the need for new ways of attracting payers to the declining market of advertisement.

The newly appointed CEO, Michael Pedersen said: “ I come from the traditional Yellow Page industry, and see major market opportunities in this new RfQ-platform for "connecting buyers and sellers". From the users perspective the buying process is more convenient compared to the traditional way of searching for handymen, and from the suppliers perspective it fits to the business model they like - performance based cost.”

1CT has high expectations for HentTilbud’s growth potential. Largely because of its ability to establish partnerships with primary media and membership organizations at a shared revenue based business model. Today HentTilbud has cooperation with IdéNyt and Pricerunner and many others are on the way. The pipeline includes some of the largest players in the media industry as well as buyer organizations and real estate.

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