1CT invests in Caramba Imaging (DK)

Caramba imaging has developed unique software for automatic image enhancement that greatly reduces the image manipulation costs at publishers, newspapers and other companies working professionally with images.

The market for automatic image enhancement is expected to grow dramatically. Currently app. 90% of all images are manipulated by hand - graphic designers using Photoshop and other image manipulation programs. Caramba enhances the images according to customized standards using unique patent pending algorithms. Caramba automatically corrects and improve images on a wide range of parameters, including selective color, selective sharpening and gamma. This saves at least 80% of the cost compared to manual editing. Key target markets are large publishers as well as in-house marketing departments in large organizations.

The benefit for customers is automated, consistent image correction and significant cost reduction. The Danish publisher Aller Press A/S documented ROI of less than 1 month on their investment in Caramba software. Other Caramba customers are experiencing similarly impressive return on investment.

Competitive solutions do exist, but none of them can match Caramba’s level of efficiency and accuracy. Comparative evaluations show that customers consistently reach 85% success rate with Caramba processed images compared to 40% for other solutions.

Caramba’s founder, Henrik Paltoft has a strong background in the industry, and brings 15 years expertise to Caramba.

“After the first meeting in Copenhagen I was hoping we could make a deal. We were in great need of immediate sales assistance and our business model needed some adjustments from experienced people. We feel sure that 1CT can help us succeed internationally as well as secure us a great exit”, commented Paltoft.

To learn more about Caramba Imaging please visit this website: http://www.carambaimaging.com

For more information, please contact: Jonas Pilgaard, Partner at 1CT, jp (at) 1corptech (dot) com or +45 21401070

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